Author: Cody Stevens

Over the past few years, we have tested the market. We have tested why people love us and why people leave us. We have tracked our numbers with insane accuracy, and we have listened to what our clients and realtor partners have to say.

We have come to one conclusion:

People love us for us. Because we take the time to do what we say we’re going to do, our clients and our partners can count on us. They have the confidence that we’ll touch base even if we’re busy, we’ll update them consistently whether they’re in our pipeline or not and we’ll do it with professionalism and passion.

As great as this is, it proposes a problem for us. As we grow, how do we scale what we do really well? I mean, most of the reason that we have seen so much growth and success is because of the people we have in our building. They take pride in the business. They are excited to do their jobs. It’s something that is insanely difficult to replicate… unless you have created a system that promotes just that.

Learning from some of the most successful individuals in the industry, we are always keeping our eyes open for more ways of emphasizing our environment and culture. Most people in our line of work cast out nets and just see what they can catch in regards to professional referral relationships. We do things a little bit differently. Our method is to go after people that we see as a good fit for our business.

Yes, I will admit that it takes us a little bit longer to obtain new business, but there are a couple of major benefits to passing up on some easy fish.

1. We only work with people that we like. This keeps the relationship fun and makes it easy for us to want to go above and beyond.

2. We know that our partners have the same expectations that we do, and we can count on them to be punctual and do what they say they’re going to do. If you have any understanding of the real estate and finance industries, you know how big of a deal that is.

3. We work with young people so that we can help them grow. Most teams with any type of real experience in this business look right past the new-comers. It’s sad. I want every single young realtor on my team, so that I can show them the potential of their success and work with them to help them achieve it. We not only create lifelong relationships, but we help people realize their dreams.

The point to giving you some of our major strategies is so that you understand just how transparent we are. We work in an insanely competitive industry, and we have built success on one major factor (the one above): people love us for us. So as you’re reading our blog and wondering why we pick some of the topics we do, understand that we don’t intend just to be experts in the financial world. Our goal is to grow as a company every single day, and that means that we have to improve our numbers, but more importantly, it means we have to continue to improve our culture. And we want you to be a part of it.